04 October 2008

And the winners are...

I have officially submitted my ballot for this years elections. Of course I voted Obama, No on 2, 4 and 8. Those are no brainers. I liked the idea of having a train take you from LA to SF within 2.5 hours, so I voted yes there. And, as always I'm supporting more funding for schools and keeping the streets safe. This time next month we can celebrate our victories and probably chalk up another 4 years in London if McCain/Palin wins.

29 September 2008

Mightnight Juggernaughts

I've been seriously behind on updating my blog and have quite a few stories to publish, but first things first. I saw this great band that made me wish they had more than one cd at the end of their show. These lads are from the land down under and they were well received as you can see from the video below. They are a sci-fi/bowie/kraftwork inspired synth-disco band. Oh, it reminded me of DM at the Rose Bowl way back when OMD and Thomas Dolby were also on the bill. This pic is funny because I was in the midst of recording the footage as the pic was snapped.

12 August 2008

Business At Niketown

Last night after work I had some business to attend to at NikeTown in Oxford Circus. On August 31st 1,000,000 people from around the world and I will run the Nike Human Race. This is a 10K that will be run in 25 cities from all around the world on that same day. You can choose from 3 charities (UNHCR, Livestrong, or WWF) for the proceeds of the registration and any other donations you would like to make will go to. The race packet that I picked up included an awesome red Nike dry fit shirt commemorating the run with the names of all the cities participating on the back. They also include a chip to tie to your shoe to get performance feedback on your time, distance, pace and calories burned.

Carlos Tevez also had some business to attend to at NikeTown yesterday; however I’m certain he will not be running the Human Race this year. Maybe the £35 million dollar man ($66,515,360) was trying on some new trainers? Maybe he was working on his Guy Ritchie directed Nike Take It film. Or maybe he was doing some work on a new Nike Joga Bonito video? Who knows what this Argentinian phenom had up his sleeve. All I know is that I made an exceptional choice picking him for my English Premier Fantasy Football team.

28 July 2008

Hot Web Cam Action

Last Friday I decided to have a little webcam fun with my Cali friends. No, not THAT type of webcam fun! Some good Abbey Road Crossing web cam fun. In front of Abbey Road Studios, there's a webcam that broadcasts the famous crossing walk 24/7. I jogged out to Abbey Road and some friends back home got to see me representing in my Mexican football jersey. I was able to text message Gertie and Serena Marie in action and Serena made me wave at her, which was a tad embarrassing, but still fun nonetheless. There were also some interesting graffiti on the walls ouside the studios you can see below as well. Shortly after I left, I heard there were some streakers that crossed the walk. Too funny!

05 July 2008

Tim Burton + Lucha Libre = FANTASTIC 4th of July!

Tim Burton became my favourite director of all time. Not because he made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory better then Willy Wonka, (yeah, i said it!). Not because he directs Johnny Depps best work, but because he came out to see Luche Libre in London last night!!
Timoteo was sitting down ringside for Europe’s introduction to Mexican Wrestling. He passed me heading back to his seat after using the loo and I asked if I could take a picture with him which he obliged, even gave me a hug in the process. Too bad the photo didn’t come out!!

Before the show officially began there was this short fella who snuck up on stage and started dancing to the pre-show DJ music going on. The crowd cheered and he had some impressive moves. For a moment it appeared he was part of the show getting the crowd going until two beefy security guys started walking towards the ring. Once he saw them he made a bee line back to his seat. He turned out to be none other than Deep Roy, the Oompa Loompa guy in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It was great watching the sons of the great Luchadores Blue Demon y El Santo perform their breathtaking acts live. The producer brilliantly selected songs for the Luchadores to make their entrances like “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Paranoid”. Something tells me the Luchadores don’t play “Money For Nothing” when they head to the ring in DF, but who knows? Although Cassandro, the most flamboyant number one exotic wrestler in Mexico appropriately choose “Mi Cucu” as his entrance song. Even he won the crowd over.

It was also fun hearing some of the cheers and jeers from the crowd. “Is that you Dad?”, and “C’mon baldy! Do it for us other baldies!” What a memorable Fourth of July!

16 June 2008

My Dads Fathers Day Present


I know you were concerned about me attending a get together with my new ExPat Americans In London group and demonstrating against the Commander in Thiefs visit to London but in the end there was nothing to worry about. Most of the people appeared to be professionals in their mid to late 40's and extremely kind. We met at this pub called The Lord Moon of the Mall very close to Trafalgar Square. What was great was that it wasn't just us Yanks there. I spoke to people from not only the US but also UK and Italy who shared similiar views. Once we left the pub we were a bit lost with whether to join the thousands of other protestors at Parliament Square or hang at the motorcade route so Bush can get a glimpse of our "LIAR LIAR! and "America Says You're Fired" posters. We ended up doing both and it felt pretty good being with so many people and making a statement like that. One gentlemen who is part of our group had 8 large cardboard letters that spelled out LIAR LIAR and I was holding one of the letters at any given time. We had professional photographers and tourists snapping up pics of me and my posse. A UK news agency called Sky News asked if we could stay together for a bit so her camera guy could film us. There were soooo many bobbys out there armed and unarmed. Usually the police don't carry guns around here, so you know it's a real special occasion when the armed ones come out. Anyways, here's a couple pictures from today. One where I'm in front of a humongous wanted poster where GW looks like Alfred E Newman. Just hours have gone by and it's already top news story on the BBC:


I hope you get a kick out of this. Happy Father's Day Pops!


07 June 2008

Hotspur or Arsenal?

Hay yai yai! I’m in a serious predicament. I’m trying to confirm my Premier League allegiance; however with the latest developments it’s going to be a tough call. Giovanni Dos Santos just signed on Tottenham Hotspur for a reported £4.7 million ($9.2 million). Arsenal recently announced that the work permit for Carlos Vela was granted and he should be in the starting line up next season. I live in Arsenal territory; however Tottenham is just 20 minutes north. I think if it was reversed, with Dos Santos going to Arsenal, it would be a no brainer but this is difficult to choose. Arsenal came in 3rd last season, Tottenham came in 11th. I’m certain that next season will be a different story for Tottenham which is very appealing. Hmmmm. Puma v Nike, Mansion.com v Emirates, Monterrey v Cancun. I may have to get two jerseys. This is going to be tough. Nonetheless, I’m glad that these talented young Mexican players will be groomed in the football’s finest league. I wish I could fast forward to World Cup 2010 already!! Who wants to join me in watching the next Hotspur v Arsenal match?

Vela congratulating Dos Santos above.

24 May 2008

First Few Days In London

I finally got to my hotel Wednesday early evening just in time to watch the UEFA Championship match of Chelsea v Man United. I was excited about watching my first football (work with me folks) match in a legit English pub (R.I.P John Bull). Naturally, most Londoners were rooting for Chelsea. Here's some pics that shows the agony of defeat from a couple patrons and an incredible hottie enjoying the thrill of victory, even though he blew his shootout goal:

Here are my completed items thus far...

1. Opened Bank Account - One would imagine this would be rather easy as banks in the US drool at the mouth with the possibility of someone opening an account at their branch. My HR Manager had to set up an appointment with the local HSBC bank and write a reference letter vouching my employment. It's not a piece of cake opening an account here. Point - US.

2. Searched and found a flat - I easily sent a good 30-35 emails to set up appointments to arrange viewings for interested places. People simply don't respond back to you, or you get fishy responses back from people out of the country wanting to rent you "their" home. Don't get me started with trying to find a place that accepts dogs either. F'gettaboutit! I saw a few places, but gladly ended up paying an agency to find my new home away from home. Point - US

3. Established a Mobile #: I got a Pay As You Go plan since I don't have a local address with a debit card, nor cell phone history here. I get my Debit card sent to me next week and after I have some history here, I'll get on a monthly contract here where I may qualify for a free XBox, Wii, PlayStation or Laptop. I haven't heard of deals like that in the US. Point - UK

4. Realized I Need To Buy Oil Stocks: The cover story of the Independent today had an interesting article about how the world is running out of it's oil reserves. These two lines blew my mind, "In Britain, the price of petrol has risen to an average...£5.15 per gallon. In the US, where drivers pay much lower prices, gasoline is more than $4(£2) a gallon." Good grief! I knew gas was more expensive here, but didn't realize it was $10.21 a gallon!! No matter if you're in the US or UK, unless you get at least 35 miles to the gallon you'll eventually have to bite the bullet or find some transportation alternatives. I'm starting to like this Underground Tube more and more. Point - UK

US 2 - UK 2

13 May 2008

Best Cover Band IN THE WORLD!

Just another ho-hum Monday night on the Sunset Strip boys and girls. Last night Feo, Jessica, and I ventured out to Hollywood to watch the GREATEST COVER BAND IN THE WORLD! If you never caught an old GNR or Motley Crue show back in the hey day, you're in luck! Steel Panther performs every Monday night at the Key Club and brings the type of debauchery that my good friend Slash writes about in his Best Seller.

The Metal Gods were smiling down upon us as Corey Taylor from SlipKnot and Scott Ian from Anthrax joined the oversexed potty mouth boyz for a rendition of You Got Another Thing Coming from Judas Priest. It was Totally Awesome Dude!! Kelly Clarkson, Tommy Lee, Pam Anderson, Pink, Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo, Jeremy Pivon are amongst others who have joined these guys on stage to do some covers as well.

If you are able to survive the lame tattoo tool bands before them, then you'll have a treat once the clock hits the stroke of midnight. Too bad they could not have come on earlier for a longer show. It was definitely worth the $20 admission at the door.

03 May 2008

Rita, we're not in LA anymore!

The other night Ale, Mari, Ferny and I decided to do a Downtown LA bar crawl. We met up at Broadway Bar, then Golden Gopher, took a pit stop to check out Mari's ultra cool loft, then went to one of my favorite bars of all time, BAR 107. Sitting at the bar you see above 3 obscure paintings, a 70's velvet painting of Shafts girlfriend, Fidel Castro's mistress, and a biblical painting in full on rococo fashion. You immediately think, "Rita, we're not in LA anymore!" BUT YOU ARE! You check what's there to drink and you are amazed they not only have Schlitz, PBR and Tecate, but in big cans to boot!! One tall PBR por favor. Pimp Daddy Fernando had a slew of dollar bills and suggested we hit the photo booth. Here's the evidence:

If you are looking for wussy KISS-FM club music, this is not your place. If you are looking for chill DJ spinning everything from Bob Marley to The Clash this is the ticket. There was also this bartender chick that taught Ale and me how to wrap our hair with a chopstick. I wish I remembered her name to credit her. All the other bars including Edison and Pete's Cafe are good to have a drink and nibble, but if you are committed to some down home fun venture to this magnificent dive.

On a side note, Mari and Ferny met for the first time this evening and turned into telenovela lovers by their last photo pic. LOVE YOU GUYS! I have the best friends in the world, hands down!