07 June 2008

Hotspur or Arsenal?

Hay yai yai! I’m in a serious predicament. I’m trying to confirm my Premier League allegiance; however with the latest developments it’s going to be a tough call. Giovanni Dos Santos just signed on Tottenham Hotspur for a reported £4.7 million ($9.2 million). Arsenal recently announced that the work permit for Carlos Vela was granted and he should be in the starting line up next season. I live in Arsenal territory; however Tottenham is just 20 minutes north. I think if it was reversed, with Dos Santos going to Arsenal, it would be a no brainer but this is difficult to choose. Arsenal came in 3rd last season, Tottenham came in 11th. I’m certain that next season will be a different story for Tottenham which is very appealing. Hmmmm. Puma v Nike, Mansion.com v Emirates, Monterrey v Cancun. I may have to get two jerseys. This is going to be tough. Nonetheless, I’m glad that these talented young Mexican players will be groomed in the football’s finest league. I wish I could fast forward to World Cup 2010 already!! Who wants to join me in watching the next Hotspur v Arsenal match?

Vela congratulating Dos Santos above.

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