06 March 2011

Detroit Social Club @ Monto Water Rats

Saw Detroit Social Club @ Monto Water Rats tonight. Great gig! I think their Twitter description just about sums up how to describe their music, "Analogue experimentation of the modern kind. Retro-Big beat-Gospel influenced-junkie folk, made in 1970s New York"

The singer, David Burn managed to do a stage dive during the set that turned that motivated the moshers to go from nuts to insane in seconds. The band played a jolly acoustic sing-a-long with "Black and White". I was a bit disppointed with the less than an hour set and no encore, but I guess you can't ask much for a £7 entry.

Good things to come with these fellas.

04 March 2011

Friday Highlight

Haven't been on here for awhile. It's been too long. Time to get back into the game.

Here's something to be cheery about. George Michael is on Twitter. Currently at 5102 followers. My prediction is one million within 4 days. It sounds like the Chris Evans show and Comic Relief press may help on that front. Like the generous bloke he is, all proceeds from his latest release, True Faith will go to charity. I heart this guy! Sure, he likes a shag in the park here and there. So what! This guy has a heart of gold and the voice of an angel. I welcome George updates as often as I can digest them. Can't wait to hear True Faith, too.

10 June 2010

Paul McGowan/Frida Boots Connection

Tonight, the lovely Rabea and I attended an art opening for the talented Paul McGowan. The exhibition had some pre-event publicity when the Metropolitan police thought a "Comedy Bomb" piece was actually a real one. Those silly rabbits! Anyways, whilst we were drinking complimentary Tiger beer, I noticed one piece that reminded me of a pic I took of my God Daughter, Frida Maria. The piece is called Girl In Boots. With all the vibrant colours in the background, it reminded me of my Loveys uber cool books, with her stylish tights and skirt too. I decided to saturate the picture and put it side by side the piece.
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