10 June 2010

Paul McGowan/Frida Boots Connection

Tonight, the lovely Rabea and I attended an art opening for the talented Paul McGowan. The exhibition had some pre-event publicity when the Metropolitan police thought a "Comedy Bomb" piece was actually a real one. Those silly rabbits! Anyways, whilst we were drinking complimentary Tiger beer, I noticed one piece that reminded me of a pic I took of my God Daughter, Frida Maria. The piece is called Girl In Boots. With all the vibrant colours in the background, it reminded me of my Loveys uber cool books, with her stylish tights and skirt too. I decided to saturate the picture and put it side by side the piece.
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09 June 2010

Swiss Cottage - Regent's Park- Belsize Park Run

It's about time to reacquaint myself with my blog and dust away the ether cobwebs. Let's start with the run I did today, shall we? I just recently started running consistently again now that I have settled into my new flat and now it's time to get prepared for the London 10k run July 11th. My pace wasn't bad but I definitely need to put in some more miles. I was tempted to ask the softballer's at Primrose Hill if they needed any other players, but I remained focused on my run. The roses have bloomed quite nicely in the Queen's Garden. As I put in more miles I may expand this into a bigger circle. Now that I have ink'd this proclamation I HAVE to do this now, right? Let's see...

09 January 2010

New Years New Food

One of my new year resolutions is to start cooking new dishes. Yesterday it was a shrimp/mushroom stuffed pepper with a pommegranate cous cous salad. Here are some before and after pics...

I've tried doing stuffed peppers before and failed miserably. I discovered the trick is to BOIL the bell peppers before you put them in the oven. Likewise if you are using bamboo sticks with dishes. You soak those for a good 10 minutes to prevent them from getting burnt.

I need to work on the presentation and maybe add breadcrumbs to the shrimp/mushroom mixture, but not bad for a first try.