13 May 2008

Best Cover Band IN THE WORLD!

Just another ho-hum Monday night on the Sunset Strip boys and girls. Last night Feo, Jessica, and I ventured out to Hollywood to watch the GREATEST COVER BAND IN THE WORLD! If you never caught an old GNR or Motley Crue show back in the hey day, you're in luck! Steel Panther performs every Monday night at the Key Club and brings the type of debauchery that my good friend Slash writes about in his Best Seller.

The Metal Gods were smiling down upon us as Corey Taylor from SlipKnot and Scott Ian from Anthrax joined the oversexed potty mouth boyz for a rendition of You Got Another Thing Coming from Judas Priest. It was Totally Awesome Dude!! Kelly Clarkson, Tommy Lee, Pam Anderson, Pink, Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo, Jeremy Pivon are amongst others who have joined these guys on stage to do some covers as well.

If you are able to survive the lame tattoo tool bands before them, then you'll have a treat once the clock hits the stroke of midnight. Too bad they could not have come on earlier for a longer show. It was definitely worth the $20 admission at the door.


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