05 July 2008

Tim Burton + Lucha Libre = FANTASTIC 4th of July!

Tim Burton became my favourite director of all time. Not because he made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory better then Willy Wonka, (yeah, i said it!). Not because he directs Johnny Depps best work, but because he came out to see Luche Libre in London last night!!
Timoteo was sitting down ringside for Europe’s introduction to Mexican Wrestling. He passed me heading back to his seat after using the loo and I asked if I could take a picture with him which he obliged, even gave me a hug in the process. Too bad the photo didn’t come out!!

Before the show officially began there was this short fella who snuck up on stage and started dancing to the pre-show DJ music going on. The crowd cheered and he had some impressive moves. For a moment it appeared he was part of the show getting the crowd going until two beefy security guys started walking towards the ring. Once he saw them he made a bee line back to his seat. He turned out to be none other than Deep Roy, the Oompa Loompa guy in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It was great watching the sons of the great Luchadores Blue Demon y El Santo perform their breathtaking acts live. The producer brilliantly selected songs for the Luchadores to make their entrances like “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Paranoid”. Something tells me the Luchadores don’t play “Money For Nothing” when they head to the ring in DF, but who knows? Although Cassandro, the most flamboyant number one exotic wrestler in Mexico appropriately choose “Mi Cucu” as his entrance song. Even he won the crowd over.

It was also fun hearing some of the cheers and jeers from the crowd. “Is that you Dad?”, and “C’mon baldy! Do it for us other baldies!” What a memorable Fourth of July!


Rikiluv said...

tim burton's cool, but his willy wonka better than the og?

jokemijn said...

i saw lucha libre in belgium yesterday. It was amazing! i adore Cassandro!