22 February 2009

Cadbury Eyebrow Dancing

This weekend I saw Push with Janina and Chris. Push was a big snore movie, literally. I fell asleep watching it numerous times. Maybe it was those pints I had at Marj’s leaving do before the movie? Regardless, pints or no pints, even eye candy Chris Evans could not salvage that movie. I have to admit it was also disturbing watching Dakota Fanning in a short skirt throughout the film and drunk in one scene. Thumbs down on that one.

One highlight of the movie experience though was a commercial I saw before the trailers. Usually I despise commercials before the main attraction. I may even create a Facebook group called, “I bet could find a million people who want commercials banned before movie attractions.” With DVR/Tevo I’m sure this is the only media advertisement to have an audience with their full attention these days. Still, not my problem. I digress.

Back to the commercial. It was a Cadbury advertisement that instantly got my attention because it played 80’s Disco song “Don’t Stop the Rock” by Freestyle. For all my Over-35-SGV-peeps who remember Circus in WeHo, and Florentine Gardens in “Exotic El Monte” (as the radio commercial used to advertise) this song instantly brings back good memories. Maybe even Mariyns BackStreet in Pasadena. Heeeeyyy!!!

The commercial was a fusion of two very different cultures which played out brilliantly! It was like my two worlds collided on the big screen in front of me with a sweet ending. Check it out:

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