Best online purchase of the far

if you're overdue for a treat, buy the Amazon Fire TV Stick as soon as humanly/financially possible.  I recently purchased the Fire TV Stick and it is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER.  It has loads of incredible features that you can view in this YouTube video.  

I tried the following command and it worked surprisingly well, "Open Netflix and Watch "The Magicians"   "Open" and "Watch" are good voice commands to use instead of telling Alexa to just play as it will promote Amazon videos for sale.

The Music app has already been curated with various playlists.  One I enjoy is the  "50 Great 80s Songs".  Not only does it play a great list of songs, but it has the lyrics in real time during the song.  

If having optimal picture quality and sound is your thing, then buy the Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player at $89.99.  The online community also says that it performs much better.  I do find myself waiting a bit for selected apps that I choose so that may also be a reason to go with the Media Player instead.